Nothing is Sacred: Cap (Donut)

Nothing is Sacred: Cap (Donut)

Official Merch for “NOTHING IS SACRED”. MSCHF’s first museum retrospective in Daelim Museum (SEOUL), NOV 10-MAR 31, 2024
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Daelim Museum presents MSCHF: NOTHING IS SACRED, the collective’s very first museum-scale exhibition, featuring over 100 diverse works spanning a plethora of styles and mediums, while evading categorization by traditional art historical standards. The exhibition presents boundary-pushing ideas that encourage the disruption of social and cultural norms, and weaponize the easily digestible objects and imagery of popular culture as vehicles to deliver their message.

Embroidered text. Cotton and polyester blend. Adjustable.

NOTHING IS SACRED is on view from November 10, 2023 to Mar 31, 2024. Exit through the gift shop into my house.