Illegal Chips

Illegal Chips

The flavors they don't want you to try
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The “food animal” and “non-food animal” dichotomy is a social construction. So is law in general! In a Hobbesian state of nature, humans live in constant conflict– eating whatever they feel like.

Prohibitions create desire. Illegal Chips compiles the flavors the government doesn’t want you to try. And, buddy, do they ever taste good!

Artificial flavoring is the future, our path away from the deleterious environmental effects of industrial agriculture and the sheer inefficiency of living animals. Forget fully-automated luxury communism: utopia is fully-synthetic luxury omnivorism!

Science is blinded by the false idol of the familiar. Why simulate when you can make new? We pursue artificial cow or chicken, but all the animals of the earth stand arrayed before us for inspiration. Better late than never–it’s time to move from food realism to food modernism!

Born too late to explore the earth. Born too early to explore the cosmos. Born just in time to eat horse chips.